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2024 myPEAC Member Inclusions:

Cricket Coaching

Athletes receives high level,  professional  coaching each week, in their chosen area/s (Batting/ Bowling and fielding)

Strength and Conditioning

Athletes are given a tailored fitness session to promote strength and muscle development specifically needed to perform highly in their sport.

Training Reflection

Athletes receive their myPEAC diary to analyse their past performance and training session.


Through reflection they further their understanding of what worked/ didn't work and how they will improve next session. The training reflection acts as an awareness tool for athletes to keep on track to their goals.

Athlete Development

Athletes are mentored in holistic areas on and off the field by our holistic coaches and industry professionals. 

Mental and Emotional

Athletes take part in our Meditation Station each session to get in the correct mindset for the day/ reflect on their skills learnt and executed. A strong mental game gives athletes a good foundation for execution on game day.

Summit Series (Online Program)

Athletes get premium access to our online holistic program. An online learning hub of athlete development videos aimed to assist athletes in:

- Nutrition

- Cricket Strategy and Awareness

- Mental & Emotional 

- Sleep & Recovery 

- Leadership

- Strength & Conditioning

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