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Cameron Weir

cameron weir mypeac

Penrith first-grade captain 2020-2021 and considered as one of the brightest young coaches in New South Wales. On his days off you'll find him tending to his impressive veggie patch while singing loudly to some country tunes.

Jordan Browne

Jordan browne mypeac

Penrith first-grade player and Penrith Cricket Club Player of the year 2021-22 Jordy is a passionate about athlete development and holistic health. In his spare time you'll find him sipping on an oat latte and listening to the latest episode of a health podcast.

     myPEAC Cricket Academy Coaches    

cam weir mypeac coach
jordan browne mypeac coach
henry railz cricket coach

 myPEAC Online Summit Series Coaches    

mitchell woods mypeac
melissa prociuk mypeac
mypeac nutrition coach
mypeac summit series
mypeac nutrition coach
mypeac cricket coaching
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