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myPEAC Podcast 

Howdy crew, Cam and Jord here. We've been creating top notch podcast episodes to get you your weekly dose on hot topics in sport, tactics, athlete performance, tips to live healthy and everything we know about loving life. 


Enjoy the PODCAST!

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The podcast is the perfect place to get to know us on a more personal level. Find out what makes us, US!

If you're willing to work hard, get comfortable being outside your comfort zone and change you life for the better, you've come to the right place.

We are passionate about creating a holistic environment. As your coaches and mentors our goal is to align you with you values, purpose and help you achieve your goals with balance, patience and perseverance. Making long lasting change, for a happier and more successful life. 

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Episode 26

Think BIG, start small

myPEAC Cricket Podcast .jpg

Episode 25

Knowing when to TRUST or CHANGE the PROCESS

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Episode 24

7 Tips For Beginning the Season

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Episode 23

BBL Draft

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Episode 22

Aligning with your WHY and VALUES

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Episode 21

7 Traits of Being a Good TEAM Member

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Episode 20

Athlete Development, Sleep, Diet & Goals - With Mitchell Wood

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Episode 19

Athlete Development through Strength & Conditioning - With Janusz & Melissa Prociuk

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Episode 18

Pre-Season Training Approach for Maximum Results & The Importance of Sleep

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Episode 17

Australia v Sri Lanka Test Recap & England v India Highlight

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Episode 16

Tactics, Decision Making, Series Predictions for Australia v Sri Lanka & BBL Draft

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Episode 15

Technical,Tactical & Strategy Behind the World's Best Cricket Players.

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Episode 14

The Importance of "Just Starting" - with Like Angels Emmalisa and Sarah

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Episode 13

"Paving Your Own Path" - With Simon Masters 

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Episode 12

Mental Health, Looking Your Fears in the Face & Maintaining Positive Mental Health - With Cam Williams

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Episode 11

Holistic Health: The Secret to an Injury-Free, High Performance Lifestyle - With Kevin Chevell

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Episode 10

Committing to the Process & Giving 100% - With Body Builder & Fast Bowler Kaine Balgowan

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Episode 9

The Importance of FOLLOWING YOUR PASSION & Never underestimating who you meet - With  myPEAC Corporate Sponsor Jeff Sutton

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Episode 8

 Explaining The Summit Series (Online Program) and what it's like to be a myPEAC Member - With Players Riley Kingsell & Oscar Mayer

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Episode 7

Mental & Emotional Health & The Practice of Meditation - With Coach Mitchell Woods

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Episode 6

Cam & Jord Recap Post-Marathon Run. How We Raised Funds for CF Research.

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Episode 5

Physical Health, Living with CF and Big Dreams - With Corey Harvey 

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Episode 4

Aspirations to Become a Professional Cricketer. The Journey & What it Takes.

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Episode 3

Explaining The Summit Series & Reflecting on the First 4 Weeks of myPEAC

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Episode 2

Holistic Health & Spirituality - With Jordan Paine

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Episode 1

Olympics & the T20 World Cup Team

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